Reason behind different colors of engine exhaust smoke

This article explains the reason behind different colors of engine exhaust smoke. Also, the various colors that the engine can produce and how they are linked to failures.

How to identify the engine condition by inspecting the colors of the engine smoke and what can be the failures that are linked to those colors?

The common colors of the engine exhaust smoke while having some issues with the engine are listed below.

1. Brown

If the exhaust is brown in color, that shows the engine is in very healthy condition. In some vehicles, you cannot see the exhaust gas. It’s because it’s just not visible as its light brown in color.

2. Blue

If the color is blue. That means there is some issue with the engine. Some amount of the engine oil is getting involved in the combustion process. That’s the reason for blue smoke.The engine oil is getting burned in the combustion chamber, which produces a blue color to the exhaust gas. There can be various reasons for this failure as listed below.

1. Valve stem seal failure can cause engine oil mix in combustion. 2. Piston ring failure can also result in this issue.
2. If there is a turbocharger failure this can create, the turbocharger lubricating oil gets into the combustion chamber.

3. Black.

The reason for black smoke is due to unburned fuel. This can happen if more fuel is given to the combustion chamber or less air is given. An inadequate mix of air-fuel mixtures is causing this failure. The calibration of the FIP – fuel injection pump can solve this issue.

4. White

Water mixing with fuel is causing the white smoke quite often. This can also happen if the injector is faulty or there is an engine head gasket failure.

5. Gray

Grey color develops when both engine oil and water mixing is occurring. This is a severe issue and results in the complete failure of the engine. Attend to your service center to clear this issue immediately.

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