New Vehicle scrappage policy India | Everything you need to know | Watch Video

New Vehicle scrappage policy India | Everything you need to know | Watch Video

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has announced the new vehicle scrappage police in Indian in the business summit. Vehicle scrapping policy in India was under discussion for a long time, this is a good direction for the industry and a positive step to handle climate change. Vehicle scrappage policy for cars in Indian is also governed by the same policy.

Key point about the new vehicle scrappage policy, please see below videos:

New Vehicle scrappage policy India, PM Modi Explains

This policy will affect commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicle in India. The car (vehicle) that you are going to buy from now for personal use will have a RC ( registration certificate) which will be only be valid for 15 years and cars ( vehicles) for commercial purpose will only be valid for 10 years from now. Your car (vehicle) which you use for personal or family purpose will be applicable to the new scrappage policy after 15 years. This doesn’t mean you will have to scrap your car (vehicle) after fifteen years. The vehicle will have to go through an authorised automotive testing centre and if it passes the test it can be used, if not it will be deemed for scrapping.

In foreign countries the vehicle will go through a WOF ( warrant of fitness) and if it fails, the issue on which it was failed can be repaired and resubmit for a WOF, if the vehicle passes the test it can be used, we believe this will be the scenario he in India as well but as of now, we are not sure and the complete policy need to be reviewed to comment on this matter. 

This will also create new employment opportunities and business opportunities, and if this business opportunities is offered to public it would be very much appreciated rather then making it a monopoly to any particular company or companies.

This is a great positive direction in which the country is going related to this, if this policy can be taken in good faith.

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New Car Scrappage policy For Indian

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