How an electric car works easy explanation.

The electric cars are taking the world by storm it’s beyond doubt it’s the future let’s learn how an electric car works.

Have looked in the Internet for the basic explanation for an electric car, how it works and couldn’t find any, so we made this video for your easy understanding.

Let’s first identify the main components:


Battery pack

Induction motor


Now let’s learn how electric car works it’s very simple.

For electric car to work we need electricity and it comes from the battery pack.

Battery supplies this electric current to the induction motor through the inverter this electric current enables the induction motor to start rotating, this rotational force is transferred to individual wheels through the gearbox and this is the basics of how electric car works.

Now let’s add some technical details to it.

The battery can only supply DC power and induction motor requires AC power to work, this is why we have the inverter. Inverters convert DC power from battery to AC power and supply is it to the induction motor. As the AC power reaches the induction motor, the coils in the induction motor creates a magnetic field. The induction motor has a stator and rotor, the rotor starts to rotate due to this magnetic field and this is connected to the gear box. This results in the wheels to rotate, so now you have a better understanding of how electric car works.

Now let’s see how the electric cars accelerate.

How to change the speed of the induction motor: The inverter is capable of changing the AC power frequency, by increasing or decreasing in the AC power frequency the speed of the induction motor can be increased or decreased and hence the speed of electric car can be changed. The motor power can also be increased by the inverter by increasing the amplitude of the Ac power thus the torque also varies.

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