Why diesel cars have 25% more mileage over petrol cars.

In this article, we will learn why diesel cars have more mileage over petrol cars. So we discussed diesel cars vs petrol cars in the segment of fuel mileage.

Diesel cars vs Petrol cars

First reason:

Diesel fuel burns much slower compared to petrol. So if you take two containers one with diesel fuel and other with petrol and you ignite it. What happens, petrol burns much faster instantaneously, and diesel burns much slower. That means you will have the diesel fuel for a much longer time to create energy. So when you use diesel fuel, you will get more energy and your car mileage increases.

Second reason:

Diesel fuel is more energy, rich than petrol. If you look into the technicals of this. You can see that the diesel fuel has 38.8 megajoules of energy per liter. Whereas the petrol has only 34.8 mega joules of energy per liter. That means four megajoules of energy per liter is higher in diesel fuel. So it can provide you with more energy when diesel fuel is getting burned. Thus diesel produces much more energy than any equivalent quantity of petrol. This will increase the mileage of your diesel vehicle or your diesel car.

Diesel cars vs Petrol cars
Diesel cars vs Petrol cars

Third reason:

The diesel engines have a higher compression ratio compared to the petrol variants. As you know the efficiency of an engine is directly proportional to its compression ratio. The compression ratio of your diesel engine is 20:1. Whereas petrol is 10:1 or 12:1. So the compression ratio of your diesel engine is much higher. That means more chemical energy turned into mechanical energy in diesel engines. Due to the higher compression ratio. This will increase the efficiency and mileage of your diesel car. So you can see more efficiency and more mileage due to a higher compression ratio of your vehicle.

Fourth reason:

Diesel engines have more torque than petrol engines. Diesel engines have a better mechanical advantage than the petrol engines, and as a result of that, they can develop higher torque.

What is torque?

Torque is the turning force that the engine generates. Since more torque generated at a lower rpm in diesel engines. The car can easily be driven away without increasing the engine speed too much. This also saves fuel and thereby increasing the fuel economy. For example, the same variant patrol car and diesel car is at a signal, and when the signal is on a green light, your diesel vehicle can move faster. Accelerate faster because of the higher torque and if the other petrol variant wants to compete with it. It needs to give more fuel into its cylinders to achieve a higher torque. That means more fuel burns, so the fuel economy or mileage comes down.
These are the factors that improve the fuel economy or mileage of your diesel car by 25 percent over its same variant or petrol. We will be uploading more article on diesel cars vs petrol cars in the future. We believe this video was useful to you.
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