How to get better gas mileage in your car

Today we are going to show you, how to get better gas mileage in your car. The trainer this is above video has been a mechanic for the last 50 years. He is saying with utmost authority that he has seen every scam known to man in this field. Which promises better gas mileage. You don’t want to fall for any of those tricks. For instance, there’s one that was called the Tornadoes. It was an Asian company was selling this product as shown in the video. Thay claimed that you, stick this product as shown in the video in the air filter and it would make the air go like a tornado vortex and get better gas mileage. It is total nonsense.

Now lately some guys have been making videos on the HHO scam. Where you get electrolysis, and you make the water turn into hydrogen, and your car burns the hydrogen. But that’s a scam too. Because you use more energy and electricity to break the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen than you ever get burning the hydrogen. It’s just a silly thing that people are making multi-level marketing companies and ripping you off selling these kits.

I’ve even had guys in the past, claimed that if you put these magnets on your fuel line, it makes the molecules line up and they burn better. Of course, that’s total nonsense too.

Years ago a guy gave me one of those kits. He said Scott you’re such a great mechanic. You got to see this invention, you get better gas mileage. Well, I tested it out, and I said. It’s nonsense, it doesn’t work. Then he said I was an idiot and I didn’t know what I was talking about. He sure changed his opinion about me, when I told him the truth. But there are real things you can do to get the best gas mileage.

How to get better gas mileage on your car:

1. Make sure you got a clean air filter.

Realize for every gallon of gasoline that your car burns. It also consumes about 1100 cubic feet of air. If you don’t have free-flowing air. You’re going to use more fuel with less air. So just make sure you got a good clean air filter.

2. Make sure, you’re using the right oil for your car.

It generally says right on the top of the engine, in this car in the video, it says to use 5w30 energy conserving oil. In many newer cars, it’ll say use 0w10 oil. That’s a full synthetic oil. That’s very light, because the lighter, the oil the less friction inside the engine. The better gas mileage, you’re going to use. Remember to change your oil frequently. Because dirty oil has more friction. You’re going to get worse gas mileage because there’s more friction with dirty oil. If you use full synthetic oil, they do flow better. We had customers switch from regular synthetic oil, and they will get slightly better gas mileage.

3. Air pressure in your car tires.

You want to have the correct air pressure, or you’ll get too much rolling resistance and get worst gas mileage. Then realize, if you’re really a fanatic about gas mileage, there are tire companies out there that make special tires that have less rolling resistance. You will actually get a little bit better gas mileage. Check it out, it’s not made up. They have tread designs so they have a little bit less friction and they get better gas mileage.

4. Less weight more gas mileage.

Since the more weight you have, the worse your gas mileage. Make sure you got a relatively empty trunk. That doesn’t have a bunch of heavy stuff in it. The more weight you carry, the worse your gas mileage. So basically remove all the excess weight in your car that you don’t need. Unless you’re going on a trip and you’re carrying a bunch of stuff sure.

5. Conservative driving patterns are the most significant thing for gas mileage.

For everyday driving, keep your car pretty empty, and perhaps the best tip is drive conservatively. My grandfather had a customer years ago before they were computers in vehicles. He said you tuned up my car, but it’s getting horrible gas mileage. What you do wrong, so my grandfather the mechanic said, okay let’s go for a ride. So he went for a ride with the guy. He’d slam on the brakes at the stop light, step on the gas and tear off when he was taking off, and my grandfather said. You’re lucky you’re getting the gas mileage you do. The way you drive like a maniac. Conservative driving patterns are the most significant thing for gas mileage. That’s why when you’re on a highway going 60 miles an hour. You get the best gas mileage because the car is conservative. It’s going at a lower rpm, it does not shift and up and down. You’re not stepping on the gas, stepping on the brake, and here’s an odd fact that I found out years ago.

If you’re driving on the highway, you actually aren’t going to get worst gas mileage turning off your air conditioner to cool yourself down. Because rolling down your windows actually creates more wind resistance and you’re going to get a little bit worse gas mileage with the windows rolled down to cool yourself down. Then you are with the windows rolled up with the air-conditioning turned on, so now you know what you can really do to get better gas mileage in your car. So it will last as long as it possibly can, and you spent the least amount possible on fuel.

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