Hi guys today we have drawn a massive butteryfly, this is our first drawing video of this type. We loved drawing this butterfly. Ethan and Ezekiel helped me with this drawing. It was really fun. We are planning to do more larger than life size drawing from tomorrow.

How to draw a butterfly step by step for kids

Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures in the world, have always admired them. Being a kid I have always drawn many butterfly drawing, this large butterfly video is so dear to my heard. I have googled to see the worlds most biggest butterfly drawing, but couldn’t get any relevant search results.
Probably this might be the worlds biggest buttery drawing. There is a huge search results for how to draw a butterfly and colour a butterfly. We have taken the effort to make this huge drawing to help kids or students to see this larger than life size buttery’s drawing, to admire and learn how to draw similar ones.
As this video is showing the step by step process of the drawing, it’s easy for kids to learn, recreate and improvise.
This drawing can be used for drawing competitions. This is one of the simplest butterfly video drawings available in youtube and internet. This type of drawing should be displayed to kids at school. At schools such drawing can be done at basketball grounds. Learning drawing is a great way of igniting creativity in children. Parent should consider encouraging kids to draw and experiment.
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