How often do you need engine oil change for your car.

This article clearly explains you on, how often you need engine oil change for your car. This article is the result of field research and very handy.

How often do you change engine oil?

I do it as per the recommendation of the dealer, but not anymore. Your car manual clearly showed you when it has to be done. It depends on different car makes. The new generation cars are using synthetic oil, and it is of very high quality. If can last as long as 1 year or some specified kilometer whichever is earlier as per the car manual. But the car dealers usually recommend changing the oil one in every 5000km or 3 to 6 months. This to rob your pocket. You spend more money. Also, you are polluting the environment by doing so.


This video you can see the various recommendations by different car manufacturers and their respective dealers.
As oil, test result shows the exact status of the engine oil in this video. NOw it time for you to have a look at your car manual and decide.

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