How does a hybrid engine work

This article shows you how a hybrid engine work.

How does a hybrid engine work?

It basically a hybrid. This engine aims to give you the best of both worlds. Which combines the power and range of a conventional engine with the environmental benefits of an electric motor. It takeoff and at low speeds.

How does a hybrid engine work
How does a hybrid engine work

The car will run on electric power only. Which means zero fuel consumption and zero exhaust emissions under harder acceleration. The petrol engine kicks in and takes over the job of driving the wheels. It also sends power to a generator which recharges the electric motor’s batteries. In return, the electric motor gives the driver more power and torque while reducing fuel consumption. The hybrid system has another trick up the sleeve.
When the car is braking or coasting to a stop. The system captures kinetic energy from the turning wheels and the brakes it, converts that into electrical energy and channels it back into the battery pack. Where it’s stored for future use.

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