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Published On: Tue, Feb 11th, 2014

Why not to fill full tank of fuel from a petrol bunk

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Watch the video or read the article to know more about it.

This is not happening with all petrol/ diesel bunks, mostly the old fuel bunks have this issue. They have a return valve installed to the fuel gun. When you are filling fuel and when it reaches full, the lid of the fuel gun closes. As a result of that pressure builds inside the gun which opens a return valve. This return valve is connected to the fuelling machine and the machine takes the excess fuel which has been pumped into your cars fuel tank.

To be more in a simple language – the fuel machine will be pumping more fuel into the vehicles fuel tank but if the tank is full the return line will open and takes this excess fuel back to the petrol bunk itself. This excess fuel pumped will be shown in your reading and you will be paying this extra money.

Petrol fuel diesel bunk car animation Watch the video or read the article to know more about itNote almost all the fuel bunk machines are of this technology, but some of the older ones are. The new machines are much safer, in these new machines instead of returning the fuel. They cut of the fuel supply, there by restricting to spill the fuel. So the customer will not be extra charged.

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