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Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2013

What is innovation? What is sustainable innovation?

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How to be sustainable in this challenging business environment.

Imagine today we are celebrating India’s first day of independence and think back of that one transformative leader who was named as the second most important person in the 20th century Mahatma Gandhi, he had the same country we all have today, people spitting on the street, throwing the garbage outside the garbage cans, but he transformed those people into a match less army through the power of his transformative mantras and those mantras, even today if we hear, it will ignite your blood and make you want to stand up and cry out for freedom, he said “do or die” he said “Vantha Matharam” he said “be Indian, buy Indian” he said “Sathyam Ava Jayatha” he said all these things and when we heard all these words – when ordinary people like us heard those words, they became extra ordinary, who could become matchless warriors, who have over thrown the most powerful nations on earth at that time.

Now we need to grow up and create an Indian ethos of management, an ethos of management which goes to the roots, even when the base worker on the shop floor hears it, his blood is ignited and he becomes extra ordinary and special.

Innovative and transformative leadership can create a lot of difference, 1.2 billion Indians to transform the world. A base which is defined by innovation, a base which is defined by values.

What is innovation? What is sustainable innovation?

I know you are innovative; most of the people in this world are innovative. In Microsoft where every year Mr. Bill Gates spends one week on an island and anybody in this world can write to him on any innovative and creative idea. Microsoft is among those companies in this world which works on developing human imagination. The ethos of business should be people progress in mind – the logic is that joy to the country, joy to the employee (if the employee is not happy, if he is not filled with enthusiasm, if he or she are not enjoying a wild-fire of enthusiasm and excitement, as same as in the time of Independence, the company will be lack of progress) and joy to the customers and without joy for all these people, we cannot have a great company.

Innovation can be a simple thing; you need not have to be extra ordinary. You can be innovative in your daily life. As a human been if you want sustainable innovation, if you want to be innovative all your life, if you want to have a blissful and innovative life, you need to learn to follow easy positive thinking tool. We have forgotten who we are and having an ordinary life, we need to explore who we really are and bring forth the essence to make a difference. To be innovative we need systematic action and systematic thinking process.

To be innovative you should follow the thinking tools:

  1. Positive thinking.
  2. Creative thinking.
  3. Smart and strategic thinking.

Best talents find its way, they take decisions quickly and openly, that doesn’t mean that you should take decisions without thinking. Always take ownership and responsibility for the decisions you make.

We should create a culture of innovation in our organization and our community, innovation is not something which happens every Sunday, it’s a continuous process. It should be the way you breathe; it should be the way you take food. It should be in anything and everything you do. The problem with most of the companies is, they look for bandage solutions. They keep on patching it till it is about to collapse.

Practice the four T’s for success:

  1. Time.
  2. Talent.
  3. Thought.
  4. Treasure.

Use these four T’s that god have given us to make your life an existing master pieces, all of us are created to be master pieces, only thing is that we haven’t tried it out yet.

To achieve something that you have never achieved, do some thing that you have never done.

Why Google, Face book and Microsoft are successful?

What is the one thing in common for Face book, Google and Microsoft? What is the secret of their success? One thing, the only thing is that, their products are made for people in mind; it’s been designed and created by keeping the common man in mind. The customer finds fun and enthusiasm while using the products from these companies.

The Google AdSense has turned the global advertisement industry. Most of the world’s best businesses are a partner of this product. The Google AdSense was able to create the internet users in to productive customer through their optimised strategy in fetching the adds. Most on-line shops are depending in Google AdSense for maximizing their business volume eg: FlipKart.com, ebay.com etc. That’s how each opportunity is turned to business and revenue.

If your products can create enthusiasm among customer, you have a long way to go.

What make Coco cola and Pepsi, some of the famous brands in the world? The simple reason is that, they have filled enthusiasm in to the bottles they serve.

Why the market leader Nokia went out of the market? Because that didn’t adapt with the changes in the world. Nokia is still a very good company which brings some of the best quality mobile phones, but still as i pointed out earlier, they were not able to create that enthusiasm among their customers as Samsung was able to create with the Android operating system (android is full of fun and enthusiasm) which made the difference.

I can give you some examples which could help you understand how Google become successful and captured the internet world.

You might all have gone through the Google products eg: G-mail, YouTube, Google maps, Google drive, Calendar, Google plus these are exiting products which have changed the way we think and made all our life’s much easier and entertaining which could fill us with enthusiasm. All these products are made for common man, they are all very user-friendly. If you used any of these products and thought that, it would have been better if a new feature that you have thought of was also there, you can notice that Goole will definitely working on that and will be launched in near future.

An example is that, i was having a YouTube Engineering tutorial video channel – Techtrixinfo. Have about 273 technical videos till now. Last year in the H1 (first half of 2012) i thought it would be better if you tube have brought custom thumbnail option to my account, to my surprise they came with it in to my account. That’s called customer delight, earlier companies talk about customer satisfaction, and it changed from there to customer delight and now to retain a customer for a life time.

Please go into the market place of and see different products and ideas exported from various parts of the world, now it time to show the worlds what India can deliver. Now you can see a lot of new entrepreneurs coming up. All youngsters between 25 and 30 years of age with new creative ideas. Most of it is of IT related products. India is now growing to be one of the biggest IT related product outsourcing country.

So that one thing you need to do to be successful in life is : “ create quality in anything you do and make sure that its useful for people “ we guaranty you your life will become a master piece.

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