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Published On: Tue, Aug 20th, 2013

What is firing order in engines and why do we want to have a firing order.

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The firing order is the order in which each cylinder makes a power stroke in a multi-cycle engine.

The main reason for having a firing order is to balance the engine power and to achieve less vibration for the engine and the vehicle. If the firing order is not appropriately selected to balance the engine the following failures or defects can be noticed.

  1. More vibration for the vehicle.
  2. Self loosening or failure of engine mounting bolts.
  3. Continuous engine failure due to more fatigue on the unit.
  4. Abrupt engine failure. Etc



What is firing in petrol and diesel engines?

Firing order.

Firing order.

In petrol engines, the point at which the spark plug produces a spark and the fuel ignites at the end of combustion stroke.

In diesel engine, the instant at which the fuel injector injects the fuel to the compressed air which creates combustion.

The figure shows, at which degree does each strokes happen in a four stroke engine and can determine the degree at which the firing happens.

Video tutorial on firing order.


Video on Firing order of Chrysler (Mopar) V8 engines



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