Published On: Fri, Jan 24th, 2014

The tree of diligence – A short story.

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‘Vanity of vanities says the teacher; all is vanity’. Ecelesiastics.12:8
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We live in a world of vanities. Vanities mean excessive pride in one’s appearance and achievements. It may end in ruin; so guard ourselves. I would like to enumerate it through a story.

Cathy and Simothy were bosom friends. So well the tree of love flourished in them that they became the apple of eyes to everyone. This was not liked by their classmate Jenny. She wanted to sow the seeds of jealousy and suspicion between them that the tree of love will be dried up.

One day Jenny saw Cathy alone. So tricky was she that she poisoned the mind of Cathy that Simothy was speaking ill of her. It ached Cathy too much that she burst into anger. The very same day Jenny said the same to Simothy. She couldn’t believe it. She paid a deaf ear to Jenny and did not plung into her vanities. She surmised it was the trick of Jenny.

Every day they used to meet at the church to pray. Simothy waited for her in vain. Simothy could smell the rat. She reached Cathy’s home. Cathy did not say anything to her and remained there in her grumpy mien. But Simothy in her love hugged her; kissed her. Love does not find any reason. Pearls of tears dropped from Cathy’s eyes-a dense of repentance.
If Simothy also had been like Cathy what would happen? Where would their friendship end ? Simothy’s diligence and prudence fanned the flame of love.

So be deligent and prudent to fight against the world of affections.
Let’s sing:
Adieu! Adieu! The world of vanity,
That love may grow in humanity;
Water the garden of love;
That the fruits of diligence may grow.

By ,
Mr.Chris Jose Mathew.

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