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Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2013

The top 10 web sites in India.

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Our lives are changing faster than ever; this change has been driven by the technology. And who drives the technology – us, no one else.

The internet has become a very powerful medium in our lives, what is internet, as we the common people know about it, it is a combination of various information centres “the web sites”. In common man’s language the internet is the “Google” or the “facebook”.

So geographically the influence of these web sites varies. In India let’s see the most influential web sites available.

Alexa a very powerful tool to analyze this.

Top Web Sites In India.

Top Web Sites In India.

The rank by country is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to the website and page views on the site from users from that country over the past month. The site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked #1 in that country.

So let’s see the top 10 web sites or influential sites with the Indians.

Rank 1: Google, site URL: www.google.com

This site is the master site in the world. They are also globally ranked one. The majority of the site visitors are from the US.

Sites linking to Google: 4726755.

Rank 2: Google India, site URL: www.google.co.in

Its global rank is: 13, Sites linking to Google: 46972

Rank 3: Facebook, site URL: www.facebook.com

Its Global rank is: 2, sites linking to Facebook: 8114357

Rank 4: YouTube, site URL: www.youtube.com

Its Global rank is: 3, site URL: www.youtube.com

Rank 5: Yahoo, site URL: www.yahoo.com

Its Global rank is: 4, sites linking: 1841031

Rank 6: Blogspot.in, site URL: www.blogspot.in

Its Global rank is: 77, sites linking: 203

Rank 7: Wikipedia, sit URL: www.wikipedia.org

Its global rank: 6, sites linking: 2158674

Rank 8: LinkedIn, site URL: www.linkedin.com

Its global rank: 14, site linking: 1502119

Rank 9: googleusercontest.com, sites URL: www.googleusercontest.com

Its global rank: 33, sites linking: 70403

Rank 10: Indiatimes, site URL: www.indiatimes.com

Its global ranking: 128, sites linking: 55457

So these are the top ten web sites the Indian use.

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