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Published On: Sat, Dec 27th, 2014

Super fast all terrain four wheeled motorcycle can ride over the lake – Just Amazing.

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Super fast all terrain four wheeled motorcycle can ride over the lake – Just Amazing.

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  1. Khaled says:

    hello everyone

    my problem started one month ago when i bought gmc acadia slt 2011. there was a problem in the differential and i solved by replacing it . i drove the car for five days and everything was fine. then the engine started overheating two lines after the middle. which means the first quarter. i took my car to the mechanic and he changed the thermostat , the fans and the sensor and some fuses , i took the car and after two days it started overheating and the ac started turning off. i took to another technician and he did know what to do . in liberty which is the car company said it is fine but actually it was not fine . one mechanic told me to check the condenser and i did and it was clogged and leaking and I changed it. then the car started reducing the engine power and makes white smoke with a fuel smell . i took to the company again and they changed the injectors and high pressure pump and some other stuff . i took the car and the ac was not working fine. and the car overheated again. i took to another mechanic and he changed the ac compressor and valves the front and rear and condenser again.I took the car home . it did not over heat. the second day it overheated . the car overheats in traffic and if turn the ac off it becomes fine . the engine is good and the power is fine . all the mechanics said there is no faults in the engine. I am still suffering , can you help.

    • admin says:

      Hi Khaled,
      This Jose here from TechTrixInfo.
      Is your radiator ok, have you cleaned it, are you using coolant or water in radiator. If water try using genuine coolant. If possible just see the temperature difference in the radiation top and bottom tank using a temperature gun.
      I think some engine is ok some thing wrong with the cooling process

      Please Whatsapp me @ +919744615655 if problem persists.

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