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Stoichiometric air fuel ratio

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Airfuel ratio is the mass ratio of air to fuel present in a combustion process in an internal combustion engine. The exact ratio or amount of air required for completely burning the given amount of fuel is known as the stoichiometric air fuel ratio. That means the 100% fuel is burned, which is difficult in practical to achieve because in internal combustion engines the stoichiometric air fuel ratio cannot be attained as in this the combustion is a short living process.

Please what the below video which clearly explains how the stoichiometric air fuel ratio works and how it’s been calculated. Here in this video we are considering the fuel as methane and calculate the air fuel ratio.

Stoichiometric air fuel ratio for Gasoline is 14.7:1

Stoichiometric air fuel ratio for Diesel is 14.5:1

Stoichiometric air fuel ratio for natural gas is 14.7:1

How to calculate the Stoichiometric air fuel ratio of Methane explained in the below video.

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