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Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2014

Solar Power water Pump

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Sun’s abundant power source can be an answer to our day to day water pumping solutions. Solar Pump can be an effective solution to pumping problems with very little expense and absolutely no fuel costs.

Solar or photovoltaic (PV) cells are made of P and N type semiconducting materials that can commute sunlight directly into electricity. When sunlight hits the panel, it dislodges and liberates electrons within the material which then move to produce a direct electrical current (DC).This is done without any rotating or moving parts.

A PV powered solar powered pump consists of three main parts:

a. The Solar Pump
b. The controller &
c. Photo voltaic Solar Panel

Usually an alternating current solar pump is used which is also incorporated with an inverter that converts DC to AC. Around 0.20 to 55 kW is the supported power range for the pumps used and if pumping force is to be energized, a larger area installed with more solar PV cells to collect more energy is advisable.

The controllers functions as an ECU in a car’s engine. It matches the output power that the pump receives to the power input i.e. the solar energy from panels. It also switches off the system if the voltage available is too low thus protecting the pump.

The size of the PV-system is proportional on the size of the pump, the solar irradiance available and the amount of water that is required. It is also to be noted that out of all three parts the solar panel accounts for major of the costs for installation.
Solar water pumpling system pump power new energy system

Advantages are:

1. Low maintenance cost.
2. No fuel is used, so savings.
3. Easy to run & install.
4. Reliability is more
5. System is very simple.

Renewable energy is what the world is running after nowadays. Sun’s energy can no longer be wasted and solutions as such can resolve tomorrow’s struggle for energy. Solar powered pump can play a vital role is providing easy solution in regions where electricity is still far out from grabs.

Author: Mr. Thomaskutty Jaison

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