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Published On: Fri, Apr 25th, 2014

Solar Cooker its working and advantages

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Ever wondered how our ancestors of earlier time used to cook food using sunlight? Ever considered the possibility of cooking food using sun’s energy?

Well sun’s energy, the most abundant energy of all, can provide solutions for cooking dilemma’s with zero emission and absolutely zero fuel wastage. Cooking process can generally be categorised into four
Backing (85˚-95˚),
Boiling (1000 to1300C),
Frying (2000 to 2500C) &
Roasting (more than 3000C).
A wide range of methods are now available to harvest sun’s energy, and therefore all these ranges of temperature can easily be attained without much pain .A solar cooker is purely a black body with thermal insulations to harvest sun’s energy to cook.
solar cooker working operation project advantahes how it works failure repair making

A mirror can be used to focus incoming solar radiation to a point or multiple points. By mirror it means any polished surface with good reflectivity. The concentration of sun’s energy in a single point helps in raising the temperature at that particular point. We all know that a perfect black body absorbs almost whole of the radiation. The cookers outer shell is painted black to absorb all these radiations. The cooker can then be placed inside a chamber covered with glass so as to reduce convective losses. The glass ensures the transfer of visible light and cuts of infrared radiations from escaping to outside of the chamber thereby increasing the thermal effect inside.
Solar cookers are generally available as a box type or a concentrating type.
A box type closed solar cooker with a glass cover and an extra booster mirror which provides concentrated radiation in the oven and traps heat within the small place in which the food is placed
Solar cooker working operation project advantahes how it works
A Parabolic type cooker or concentrating type is based on concentrating solar energy by a paraboloid mirror reflector which directly heats the cooking vessels.

Advantages of these cookers are
1.No pollution.
2.No energy wastage.
3.High cooking temperatures are available.
4.Cost of cooking is very less.
5.No burns are caused since fire is out of the question.
6.Less surveillance required while cooking.

Author: Mr. Thomaskutty Jaison

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