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Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2013

Sany hydraulic excavator SY75C

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High Efficiency and Economy Precise Control

Powerful Engine

Sany engine with four-cylinder four-stroke direct-injection provides a stronger power for the excavator.

Auto Deceleration System

The function of auto deceleration reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%. When an operation has been stopped for 3.5 seconds, the engine speed drops automatically to idle level and maintains the idling state. When the operation is resumed by manoeuvring the control levers, the engine speed will increase to the set rpm within 0.1 second. The working capability is restored instantly. The auto idle switch is always active after the excavator is restarted each time.

Filter Element

High precision pre-filtering removes the impurities, while the two-stage filter and one-stage water separator ensure the purity of engine fuel.

Environment-friendly Engine

With the exhaust emission in line with EPA interim Tier2/EU Stage 3B Emission Standards, the engine is environmentally friendly in the new era.

Using Track Roller With The Bilateral Support As Carrier Roller, SY75C-9 Achieves Higher Reliability And Stronger Traveling Force At High/low Travel Speed

With advanced travel motor and optimized flow distribution system, the machine can work more efficiently by traveling at high or low speed according to ground surface condition and working area.

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Faster Operating Speed

A quick return line is added to the arm oil cylinder circuit, which has considerably improved the operating efficiency at low energy consumption. The advanced main valve, which has been thoroughly optimized, is able to provide excellent coordinating and leveling performance in combined operations. It also increases the moving speed of arm and bucket. In addition to the arm regenerating function, the operating efficiency of machine has been improved by more than 10%, as compared with SY75C1. Main pump delivery increases from 149 liters to 168 liters. Faster speed is achieved in separate operation.

Load-sensitivity Flow Distribution System with Good Microoperation Performance

Consisting of variable single pumps that provide a constant overall power, the load-sensitivity flow distribution system is of high stability and excellent microoperation performance, offering an almost perfect meticulous process. Its superior performance lies in that flow demand is determined according to the actuators and their corresponding actions. The operating accuracy is irrelevant to load. It is only related to the deflection angle of control levers. The optimization of main valve can realize the coordination of multi-movement, making different trajectories to meet the requirements of delicate operation. Larger Counterweight Designed to Improve The Overall Stability of Machine

With a larger counterweight designed on the basis of balancing the wide gauge and undercarriage, the overall stability of machine is improved. By moving the centre of gravity to the front, we are able to achieve more reliability in SY75C-9. Left and Right Side Doors and Covers That Can Be Fully Opened Left and right side door and rear hood can be fully open, allow the routine maintenance for engine, air conditioning compressor belt tension and others. Powerful Digging Force. Bucket digging force is up to 56kN from 53KN, and arm digging force up to 38kN from 35KN, as compared with SY75C1

Innovative Dozer Blade Improve The Operating Efficiency

Equipped with an innovative dozer blade that has an increased magnitude of moving up and down, this machine is very suitable for the complex operating conditions, such as road construction, and burying pipelines or cables. The dozer blade has a special shape and a wider plate that prevent soil from falling behind, which considerably improves the operating efficiency of excavating, landfill and levelling.

Large-capacity Bucket and Optional Buckets

The standard bucket has a capacity of 0.28m3, which has been redesigned to reduce cutting resistance and enhance bucket strength. There are also many optional buckets available.

Excellent Near-body Performance

Bucket tips can be very close to the dozer blade, which makes the machine work efficiently within a wider working range.

Video of Sany SY75C at work




Model: Isuzu 4JG1-NABGB-04-C2

Displacement: 3.059L

Engine power

At rated engine speed: 40.9kw/2100rpm


Operating weight with standard bucket, fully serviced, +75 kg

operator (ISO)

Operating weight: 7355kg


Track width: 450mm

Number of track shoes: 39

Carrier roller (per side): 1

Track roller(per side): 5


Travel Speed (Highest/Lowest): 4.4/2.4km/h

Swing Speed: 11.5rpm

Gradeability: 70%/35

Ground Pressure: 33KPa


Type: Load Sensibility

Number of selectable working modes: 4

Main pump

Type: Variable-capacity piston pumps

Maximum flow: 149Itr/min

Hydraulic motors

Travel: 2* axial piston motor with parking brake

Swing: 1* axial piston motor with swing holding brake

Relief valve setting

Implement circuits: 27.5mpa 269kg/cm2 3 ,988psi

Travel circuit: 27.5mpa 269kg/cm2 3 ,988psi

Swing circuit: 21.5mpa 210kg/cm2 3 , 118psi

Heavy lift circuit: 27.5mpa 269kg/cm2 3 , 988psi

Pilot circuit: 3.5mpa 34kg/cm2, 507psi

Hydraulic cylinders

Boom: 1-110mm*885mm

Arm: 1-90mm*900mm

Bucket: 1-80mm*730mm

Sany SY75C specifications escavadeira sany sy75c Excavator Indian china price in india features where to buy how to buy complaints dig depth reach boom ram pump flow


Bucket Digging Force: 56kN

Arm Digging Force: 38kN

Item(Unit:mm): SY75C

A Length (During Transportation): 6120

B Width: 2220

C Height (During Transportation): 2665

D Upper Body Width: 2040

E Blade Height: 405

F Std. Track Width: 450

G Track Gauge: 1750

H Min. Ground Clearance: 380

I Tail Swing Radius: 1800

J Roller Gauge: 2195

K Track Length: 2820

Item(Unit:mm): SY75C

a Max. Digging Height: 7060

b Max. Dumping Height: 5550

c Max. Digging Depth: 4020

d Max. Vertical Digging Depth: 3290

e Max. Excavating Distance: 6240

f Min. Swing Radius: 1720

g Height at Min. Swing Radius: 5550

h Maximum Ground Clearance of Bulldozer Blade(rising): 350

i Maximum Sinking Depth of Bulldozer Blade: 360

Video on Sany and its excavators.


Alternator 30A

Dry thriple-filtering air cleaner

Cylindrical engine oil filter

Fuel pre-filter

Radiator with protective screen

Auxiliary water tank for radiator

Fan cowl

Separately installed engine

Water separator

Operator Station

Noiseproof steel-structured cab

Toughened light-color window

4 sillicone rubber damping support

Openable roof hatch, upper front windo and left window

Rear window,alternate exit silent window wiper with washer

Adjustable inclined seat with adjustable armrest

AM-FM radio with digital clock

Foot rest and floor mat

Loudspeaker,rear view mirror

Seat belt and fire extinguisher

Cub holder and cab light


Storage box, literature bag

Hydraulic lockout control

Fully automatic air-conditoner


Travel brake

Travel motor guard

H-track guiding mechanism

Hydraulic track tensioner

Bolted sprocket

Carrier roller and track roller

Reinforced track link with pin seal

450 mm track shoe

Bottom coverplate

Hydraulic System

Control valve with main relief valve

Spare oil port for control valve

Oil suction filter

Oil return filter

Pilot filter

Swing Platform

Fuel level float

Hydraulic oil level gauge


Rear view mirror (R)

Swing brake

Grease barrel holder


Front Work Equipment

Flange pin

Bucket clearance adjustment

Welded lever

Central lubrication system

Dust ring-seal of bucket pin

A variety of bucket for optional

Monitoring System

Standard battery

Lockup engine hood

Lockup fuel filler cap

Anti-skid film, handhold and passage

Travel direction mark

Hand grease gun

Indicator Lights

Auto-idle、engine warm up

Engine coolant temperature

Hi/Lo speed

Alarm Lights

Oil pressure lack, engine coolant


Throttle knob fault

Fuel oil lack

Voltage higher than specification

Engine over speed


Liters US gal Lmp gal
Fuel tank




Engine coolant




Engine oil




Swing device




Travel device(each side)




Hydraulic system




Hydraulic oil tank




Ref: http://www.sanygroup.com/

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