Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2013

✔ Ninety seconds battery swapping technology for Eco-Electric Cars

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A never ending debate has been going on about the liability of using electric cars for some time now. Jeremy Clarkson in one of his episode of Top gear UK said there has never been an eco-electric car that makes one say wow I want to buy that car, the prior drawbacks being the lack of throttle feel, low range of travel, the multi- hour long wait for recharging the batteries etc. But even after all these pestering one company has come out with an answer to shut them all up.

Named after a famous Physicist Mr Nikola Tesla, the Tesla motor company has been in the market selling electric cars, electric power train and lithium ion battery packs for laptops etc, for the past 10 years. The Tesla roadster based on the lotus Elise platform which was launched in the late 2008 has been a game changer for the company ever since its launch and in the past five years the company has sold around 2400 cars. The car has a range of 393 kilometres in one full charge and can do the first hundred kilometres just under 4 seconds. The car is capable of delivering 270 Nm of Torque so the performance anxieties of many were solved. The car proved its worth after beating competitors in terms of range of travel by recording a stunning 500 km in a single charge at an event in Australia maintaining an average speed of 40 km/hr.

Tesla Roadstar

Tesla Roadstar (Pic credit: Top gear UK)

The Tesla Roadstar Stats did speak for itself in capturing hearts of many, but even still, finding the solution for reducing charging time of battery was way too much to handle by any electric car manufacturer until this June.

What do you do when you find your T V remote batteries are out of charge??Well you will simply switch the batteries. Tesla has used this very same principle and they have come up with the battery swapping technology. As of now Tesla cars can be recharged at supercharging station free of cost but it would take about 20 to 30 minutes to achieve the half charged state. As been told by tesla with the new battery swapping option one can swap the battery in a matter of 90 seconds, but this facility is available only for one model which they call as the Tesla Model S.

The Model S is equipped with the swapping option as standard and so the battery can be removed easily at station having swap system built onto the ground. The ground system can swap the battery underneath the car along with coolant change. The new battery is then clamped into its place. The 90 second change is administrated by robot since it weighs around 1000 pounds.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model Spounds.


The battery swapping technology has opened a wormhole between our time and the unseen future. Tesla has showcased the world a new era of electric cars and associated technologies which could save our planet and your pocket without compromising sheer driving pleasure. With the number of moving parts reduced the wear and tear issues are minimised to a limit.

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Presently the car and the facilities stated above are only available to US market but the predictions are it will be up for grabs in most of the markets very soon considering the rising fuel prices and environmental issues caused by present age automobiles. With more and more models coming in the Tesla will soon find its place in Indian market but the prices are expected to be on the higher side.

Innovations are promises for a better future and here in this case a small idea gave the spark for greener tomorrow. “The world has visualised the dawn of Eco Electrical automobile technologies which are reliable in every sense”.

Battery swapping technology

Battery swapping technology

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