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✔ New Ecoboost 1.0 Litre Ti-VCT Engine from FORD.

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There has been a lot of buzz about the ford’s new 1.0 litre Ecosport SUV here in our part of the world. Ford India limited since their success stories with the hatch (FIGO) and utility sedan (Fiesta) models has come up with a revised market strategy seeing the potential of the much explored compact SUV segment. Ford has been using the Ecoboost series engines for some time. Their 1.6, 2.0 and 3.5 litre ecoboost engines have already been widely used in many of their models and rightly so the 1.0 litre greener engine is their latest answer for many critics all around the world.

They showcased their engine back in 2012 fitted onto a ford Focus and ever since its success ford has now taken the big leap and the result being in the form of a compact SUV The Ecosport which was launched in India a few weeks back.

New Ford ecosport 3 cylinder engine drawing painted artist techtrixinfo SUV XUV City drive photo picture features specifications space test drive car drawing how it works how to drive

Ford Ecosport – Artist Version.

“Insight: Ford Ecosport”

The new model “Ecosport”  is actually the second generation of the out-dated compact-sports utility vehicle which was launched in the early 2004.The Ecosport  comes with three engine variants in India -The 1.5 Ti-VCT petrol ,1.5 litre TDCI diesel  and 1.0 litre Ecoboost Petrol engine. The 1.5 Litre petrol and diesel engines are familiar to most of us since they have been in the market for quite some time.

Ford Ecosport – Comprehensive Review.

Here, in this article we concentrate on the latest 1.0 litre Turbocharged direct petrol injected inline four-cylinder engine with Twin independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) Eco-boost engine. The 1.0 litre engine is the latest addition to the Eco boost series engines that ford has been using in other markets. The five speed manual transmission engine is made to deliver roughly 123 PS @ 6000 RPM, that’s just pure adrenaline for a Petro-sexual car junkie.

ford ecosport engine Inline 3 cylinder Turbo-charged Ti-VCT Eco-Boost engine techtrixinfo car suv specifications failure repair service fault cooling power

Inline 3 cylinder Turbo-charged Ti-VCT Eco-Boost engine.


Credits to : Ford (above figure)

Click here: How Cars & Machine Work – Video Tutorials.

Some may think that ford has odd-numbered this engine in terms of the number of cylinder, but the baby engine is capable of delivering an immense 170 NM of Torque @ 1400 to 4200 RPM which is much more than a 1.6 litre engine used in a Verna fluidic or a Renault duster. The stats do look chunkier and in simple words more toque accounts for more pulling power. Plus as pointed out before more number in terms of power would account for quicker revs so if you want to overtake a tortoisy truck just step on the throttle. The engine has also accounted a stunning 18.9KML mileage during the ARAI tests.

Engine at a glance:

  • 125 PS Power and 170 NM Torque.
  • Cast iron tri-cylinder block.
  • Ti-VCT enables flushing of residual gases from cylinder optimizing Turbo performance.
  • Turbo comprises of a low inertia vacuum actuated waste-gate which intern reduces back pressure.
  • Actuated turbo can spin up-to 248000 RPM.
  • Extremely muscular and strong cylinder block with just 6.1mm gap between cylinder which helps in achieving heightened fuel economy and fleeter warm-up.
  • Split cooling system for head and cylinder block.
  • Uses variable displacement oil pump.

Although some said  going with the Timing belt instead of the Timing chain was a bad choice, but even so if Italian super car makers can go to the old school Nascar racing mechanical flap technology for assists in breaking why can’t ford go with the much conventional timing belt instead of new generation timing chain!!

Honoured by a panel consisting of 87 automobile journalists from 35 countries for the “best international engine” the ecoboost engine bagged two back to back victories which meant Ford has become the third automaker in the world to do so. This very same engine is now available in the European models of ford fiesta, C-max, Grand C-max, B-max and focus alongside the Indian Ecosport.

The new ford engine comes with a statement and one should note that Innovative engineering means something and whether it’s the German way or The English way each step should be applauded and ford has produced something magical for the world to see and experience in a greener basis.”

Video of Ford Ecosport

Click here: How Cars & Machine Work – Video Tutorials.

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