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Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

New 10 Most Amazing super cool vehicles.

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The 10 most amazing vehicles.

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1. Double round skate
Unlike conventional skates, the double round help to manage your feet to turn and spin.
2. Hoverboard.
Floating an inch above the ground it has four disk shape motors which create a magnetic field repelling the board from the ground.
3. One wheel electric skate board.
It’s has a self balancing unicycle electromechanical skate board. In simple terms is a new toy for adults. It can reach a speed if 19 km/ hr.
4. Aeyo.
It’s Cross between a scorer, a bike and a roller skates.
5. Half Byke.
It’s a combination of running and cycling.
6. Air Byke Aero- X.
It’s has a rotary engine with two screws. It’s flues at a speed of 70 km/ hr. This product fulfilled the dram of flying with of licenses.
7. Suitcase scooter.
It can carry up to 2 people and accelerates up to 19 km/hr. can travel for 59km with a full battery and weights 7 kg.
8. One wheel scooter.
It’s a self balancing scooter only weights 9 kg. Has a convenient handle and a folding foot rest. Can take s speed of 16 km/hr and the battery charges in 28 minutes.
9. Segway.
A self Balancing electric scooter with 2 wheels. It’s has a top speed of 20 km/hr and the battery has a mileage of 39 km.
10. Jet pack.
Newzealand company is handling this project.

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