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Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2013

✔ Mozilla Firefox OS for Smart phones launched – Freedom for all to innovate.

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The brand which is famous for internet browser, has launched its mobile phone OS (operating system). Its build with web technologies like HTML5 and is build on web principles of openness and freedom for all to innovate. So in this article you can see a video demo of the Firefox OS and who all are related with this project, how developers can use HTML5 to develop new applications, this OS also breaks the barrier between the web (internet) and the apps (applications).

Firefox OS Launched

Firefox OS Launched

This could be a competitor for Android in the future. The mobile phone brand ZTE comes with the Firefox OS. There are two mobile brands which use this 1. ZTE and 2. Alcatel.

Indian price for the mobile carrying this OS might be is nearly Rs. 5200 /-

This Firefox OS is made with the HTML5, which is very simple, so that more and more developers can join hands to develop the application supporting this operating system. It could possibly be an open source operating system, so like Linux it might be customizable. That means you could possible own the first mobile phone with its operating system customizable as per your requirements (we are not sure about this – if it is so, it would be great)

It has the Firefox market from which you can download apps, similar to Android (for smart phones like Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, Sony, Micromax, Karbon etc) market and iTunes (for iPhone 3, iPhone 3s, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 etc) to download apps.

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Watch Jay Sullivan, SVP Mozilla Firefox giving a demo of the OS with TCL Alcatel smart phone and ZTE mobile phones and also explaining about the Firefox OS.

What makes the Firefox OS special?

Its breaks down the walls between the web (internet) and apps (applications).

  • Web gives instant access to all the information’s.
  • Apps are great because they are beautiful, easy to use form factor.

So what Firefox has done is, they have combines the features of both. If we do a search as shown in the video, eg. if “moves” are searched for, all the apps related to “movies” and its information will be displayed, so it drives instant access to all apps related to movies in the search itself as like Google searches the internet.

What about Firefox market place?

The important feature is the break free logic that Firefox is going to bring, there is no need to actually get to the Firefox market place to download the apps, and could be multiple stores of apps so that developers can innovate. It is said to be having all those features of that of an Android market or iTunes etc.

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