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✔ Intelligent Reciprocating Multicycle Engine-six stroke combines with four stroke technology – The latest technology in internal combustion engines.

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This is an innovative technology. At the bottom we have mentioned some possible doubts and its answers. If you need to know exactly about any topic on this, you can leave a comment and will get you the response from the Mr. Anil who has developed this engine.

We all are amused of new developments in the field of technology, automobile and power generation. Engines and power generating units are much talked about in this scenario. Due to price increase for fuels, environment pollution (with is leading to global warming). There is a strong demand for an alternative engine technology which could increase the fuel economy and reduce the pollution. So do you have a solution, Yes an Indian from Ernakulam have came up with a solution to this problem “Intelligent Reciprocating Multicycle Engine (6 /4 stroke)”

This topic is motivated by an amazing development in the history of Multicycle Engines itself. The most amazing fact about this engine is that, a brand new technology in engines itself is linked with this system, which is the six stroke engine. We have personally seen how this engine work.

There is only one engine which is patented and currently has a working model with 6 stroke cycle and Mr. Anil of NIYKADO motors is the proud owner of this engine.

Six strokes of a six stroke engine.

Six strokes of a six stroke engine.

Mr. Chanayil Cletus Anil who is the owner of NIYKADO Motors has developed a multi cycle engine, it is a combination of the six stroke and four stroke technology, linked on to a single engine. He had already patented the technology for the 6 stroke engine on May 2012 and is currently working on a system which can automatically switch the 6 stroke engine to 4 stroke engine and vise versa as per the demand of the engine power. Six stroke engines is more fuel economic and creates less pollution compared to four-stroke engines and four-stroke engine can create more power at the same time. So the advantages of both this technology can me mixed together to achieve more fuel economy and adequate power as per the requirement.

What is a multi-cycle engine?

Multi cycle engine is an engine which can work on two or more than two cycles eg: two-stroke and four-stroke multi cycle engine. This article is about an engine capable of operating in 6 stroke and 4 stroke.

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What is intelligent reciprocating multicycle engine?

This engine runs in two cycles as mentioned below:

  1. The six stroke.
  2. The four-stroke.

This is called an intelligent reciprocating multi cycle engine because the engine itself can sense the power requirement and switch from 4 to 6 and 6 to 4 stroke mode.

More details on six stroke engine: The six stroke engine as the name implies have six strokes, namely –

  • Suction.
  • Compression.
  • Power.
  • Exhaust.
  • Air Suction.
  • Air Exhaust.

The first four strokes are normal to that of a four-stroke petrol engine, the fifth stroke ie. air suction and sixth stroke ie. air exhaust; these two additional strokes makes it a six stroke engine. These additional strokes can be called as buffer strokes. In a six stroke engine we will get one power stroke or you can make it this way, as in a 6 stroke engine with one power stroke, the crankshaft rotates 1080 degrees compared to 720 degrees of that of a 4 stroke engine. The 6 stroke engine can make an addition of 50% of crank rotation, compared to the 4 stroke engine. Theoretically 50% more travel distance can be achieved with the same engine in six strokes, compared to four strokes. That is 50% more saving.

How does this six stroke engine works:

See the below video which clearly explains the working of six stroke engine developed by Mr. Chanayil Cleetus Anil of Niykado Motors which is named as NIYKADO six stroke engine.


Let’s see the advantages of this technology:

Six Stroke Engine:

  1. Better Fuel Economy.
  2. Less pollution.
  3. Less heat generation.
  4. Internally cools and cleans inside the combustion chamber.
  5. Extended Oil Life.
  6. Using the six stroke engine in a hybrid electric vehicle can increase the fuel economy of the vehicle.
  7. Engine can be developed to operate with any kind of fuel like petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG etc.

Reciprocating Multi Cycle Engine:

  1. The present invention relates to reciprocating multi-cycle internal combustion engine which will have the combined working of both six stroke engine as well as four-stroke engine technologies in the same cylinder.
  2. The advantages of both the engines can be obtained from an engine from the same cylinder.

And much more…

Advantages of Intelligent Reciprocating Multi Cycle Engine:

  1. This engine is electronically controlled whereas usually existing engines are mechanically controlled.
  2. Switching between the two cycles i.e. six stroke and Four Stroke Based on the demand of Power and application.

And much more…

Some doubts you may have are answered here:

Q. So now you will have a question about its power compared to 4 stroke engine?

Ans. Currently the power produced is less compared to a 4 stroke engine, power can be improved by further development works.

Q. Then, why are we converting it to six strokes?

Ans. Because in six stroke engine the fuel economy is higher compared to four-stroke engines, about 50% theoretically and 25 to 40 percentage practically.

Q. So what if we make a 4 stroke engine and 6 stroke engine of same HP?

Ans. If we make a four-stroke engine and a six stroke engine of same HP the CC required for the six stroke engine will be more compared to 4 stroke to create that power. If we look that way, the four-stroke engine will be more fuel economic.

Q. So a question arises, Why 6 and 4 stroke multi cycle engine is made, why can’t we make a 4 and 4 stroke engine which can work with different HP ranges?

Ans. Yes it can be done, but the 6 and 4 stroke multi cycle engine will be more fuel economical because in six strokes the distance it can cover will be higher compared to 4 stroke engines. There will be less pollution also because there is only one polluted exhaust in 6 strokes, so the pollution also reduces by 60%.

Q. How do we achieve four strokes to six strokes switching in real-time, while driving?

Ans. An ECU system has been developed which senses the power requirement of the engine and switched the engine to six or four strokes as per required. The driver can also manually switch the engine to any of these modes also.

Animation of the working of Six stroke engine.

Other six stroke engine technologies currently available are:

  1. Griffin six stroke engine.
  2. Bajulaz six stroke engine.
  3. Velozeta six stroke engine.
  4. Crower six stroke engine.

If you see this topic useful please share this in social media, and feel free to post your comments.

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  1. Prashanth says:

    How will the engine switch between four stroke and six stroke cycle?

  2. If vehicle is eight cylinders how much fuel it will consume to run one Km…. How to calculate fuel economy of vehicle… Please explain fuel economy of four six and eight cylinder engines

    • admin says:

      1. Fuel consumption depends on many factors like design, Hp, torque requirements etc
      As such a design is not available data is unknown
      2. Second n third question we will make a video on that.

  3. mazhar hussain says:

    Cant we make a 6 stroke engine with two power strokes for more HP ??

    • admin says:

      You mean 2 power strokes in one cycle.
      So how are you planning to distribute the 6 strokes
      Any thing is possible, but the point is would it be commercially viable.

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