Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2013

Innovative new leap motion technology working in detail with videos.

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This is a motion sensing technology; a revolutionary new technology.

A small motion controller that allows you to control your computer by waving your hand in the air. The above video shows what’s inside the leap motion hardware unit and how it actually works. In the video we opens up the unit and show you what it actually is from inside.

The device uses sophisticated CCD cameras and infra red light to capture our movements. With that data, the internal processor and the software on the computer convert the data to tracking points as reference points on the monitor as shown in the videos; this helps the leap to guess where you are pointing at.

The CCR cameras are high resolution cameras with 290 fps (frames per second)

Video demo of the leap motion controller


Un-boxing and review of leap motion kit


How leap motion hardware works, this video will give you a little insight on what’s under the hood of the LEAP.

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Video dismantling the leap motion controller.


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