Published On: Fri, Oct 11th, 2013

How wax type thermostats are made.

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Thermostats are used in engines to help the engine to reach its optimum temperature before the cooling process starts. Wax type thermostat has copper loaded wax inside it, which has a high coefficient of thermal expansion.

See the below video and learn how the wax type thermostat is made.

How wax type thermostat is made how wax type thermostat works Components of wax type thermostat

Wax type thermostat and its components.


FAQ on thermostats:

1. Why thermostat is used in a car engine?

As its explains in the video, thermostat helps to make the engine hot at a faster rate by preventing the coolant to pass through it, till it reaches the optimum temperature. There by helping the engine to run in its best efficiency.

2. Where is a thermostat fixed?

As you can see in the picture, the thermostat is fixed between the engine cooling gallery and the radiator cooling hose.

3. How to identify if your vehicle is having a faulty thermostat?

  • There are two conditions for this:

The engine will show overheating if it’s faulty and is in closed condition.

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle will be low if the thermostat is faulty and is in open condition.

4. Can my car run without a thermostat?

Yes, it can. The only problem is the efficiency of the engine will be low due to over cooling, resulting in less fuel economy.

5. Which are the common used types of thermostats?

Wax type thermostat and bellows type thermostat.

6. How to repair a thermostat?

Thermostats are normally not repaired, just replace it.

7. How does a thermostat valve open when hot?

In wax type thermostats, its copper loaded wax melts and pressurizes the valve to open

In bellows type thermostat, it creates high pressure fumes which will open the thermostat valves.

8. What is the normal operating temperature of thermostats?

Its varies from engine to engine, on an average it’s from 80 – 95 degree celsius.

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  1. Milon kumar behera says:

    In wax type thermostat after melting of wax the valves open and the coolant fluid pass through to the radiator bt how it close again or get back to its original state

    • admin says:

      That’s due to the property of wax, when temperature increases wax melts and with temperature reduces wax solidifies, so the same way when engine temperature increases the wax melts, as a result of this The thermostat valve opens and when the engine cools it closes as the wax solidifies ( due to the pressure difference)

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