Published On: Fri, Jan 24th, 2014

How to troubleshoot engine smoke color issues

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Engine issued can easily be identified by monitoring the engine smoke. Let’s see how to identify your vehicles engine condition by its exhaust smoke. Here we have also added some simple tips to trouble shoot those issues.
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Engine condition classified based on exhaust smoke:

1. If your engine is producing brown smoke, what does it implies?

It’s a healthy engine, normally if you notice you can see most of the new generation vehicle will not have colour for the exhaust smoke, it states that the engine is in good condition. This is not exactly no colour, it has a light brown colour which is actually not visible.

2. If your engine is producing blue smoke, what does that means?

This happens when engine oil is getting burned. The engine oil is used to cool your engine and preventing it from overheating. In some cases this engine oil comes in contact with the combustion chamber which will result it to get burned.

Troubleshooting of oil getting burned:

The high engine oil consumption can occur due to this issue. Let’s see the reasons on which the oil gets burned.

  1. If the valve stem seal is failed this can happen: this will result oil to get to the combustion chamber and get burned.
  2. Piston ring failure: can also result for the same.
  3. Turbo charger lubrication oil getting burned: this occurs when the TC seals get damaged.

Engine exhaust smoke issues white blue black grey brown issue indicates what does identify How to troubleshoot engine smoke color issues how to identify engine issue failure by inspecting
3. Reasons for black smoke:

More fuel level or less air flow can result in this. Ie. When the air fuel ratio is not adequate. The un-burned fuel is resulting in this black smoke.
Troubleshooting of black smoke issue:
Check the air fuel and see that if sufficient amount of air is supplied to the engine.
Do an FIP (fuel injection pump) calibration.
See for a turbo charger failure.
4. Reason for white smoke:

Fuel mixed with water can cause white smoke. If you use stored fuel, like keeping it in a container at home and using it. The water vapour getting inside can condense and water will mix with the fuel. This happens is location with high moisture in atmosphere. If you have a faulty injector of faulty fuel timing also this can happen.
Troubleshooting of white smoke issue:
a. Head gasket failure can be a reason.
b. Water gallery failure, a crack can result in this failure.

5. Reason for Grey exhaust smoke:

It’s a combination of two issues. Grey = White + Blue. So it’s clear issue of water in fuel with engine oil getting burned. So that makes it a much more complicated issue.
So remember these tips to identify any engine failure and report and attend to an engine service station. If any of this issues are neglected you are purposefully reducing the efficiency of your vehicle.

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