Published On: Sat, May 3rd, 2014

How to teach your kid to draw and identify colours

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This is a drawing video of me with my baby Ethan. Saw his interest in drawing, so started to teach him. So though, would upload a video on that so that it might be useful to some of you or could motivate some new parent like me to teach their kids some drawing lessons. This video is on how to draw a small crane actually in the model of a car very cute one. My son Ethan likes this car very much.
ethans how to draw drawing kids drawing a car colour smart kid cute amazing artistic baby drawing a car pencil drawing teaching a kid to draw video drawing
So watch the entire video and have fun. What we are doing here is, first am drawing the picture by myself keeping him on my side. So that he can watch me drawing it. The real toy car is kept in front of us, so that he can relate to what is been drawn. Later as the drawing is finished i am giving him the opportunity of colour by himself by guiding him to select the correct colour.

ethans how to draw baby drawing a car kids drawing learn drawing
This is a good technique to teach you kids to identify colours and to improve his drawing skills. So try this out. Watch more drawing video on:

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