Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2013

Learn how to remold a car or truck tire.

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The process starts by inspecting the tire casing to determine the age of the tire, condition of the ply (is it rusted or not). If the casing is good, then the tire moves to the buffing machine. In the buffing machine, there are sharp blades which shear off most of the worn off tire thread, thus it prepares the surface, so that the new rubber that we are going to fix will adhere well. Its takes about five to ten minutes and leaves nearly three millimeters of tread on the tire. After this process if any imperfections are seen, a tool called skiver is used to remove the imperfections. This is because even the smallest cracks can spread and destroy the tire.

Now a grinding wheel is used to smoothen this. Buffing, skiving and grinding procedures is repeated on the side walls also. Then a less abrasive grinding stone is used to clear the side walls. Now drill is used to remove dirt and rust from the affected areas of the ply ratings. Then grind that spot again to make it smooth. Now a patch is glued from the inside of the tire to fix the drilled hole.

A machine called extruder is used to fix the new rubber to the prepared tire. This machine heats up the rubber making it malleable. Then it raps it on to the casing. Depending on how the tire thickness is required, the rubber is fixed to it. A wider rubber strip is fixed to the side walls in layers (thickness depends on requirement). Using a perforating roller, the trapped air is been released. This enables the layers to adhere well. Now rubber powder is sprinkled (reside of buffing) this will prevent the tire from sticking to the mold. As seen in the video the mold has sections to wide open to receive the tires. About 100 kg of pressure and heat 160 degree Celsius is been applied on the mold. This fuses the molecules in the old and new rubber (this chemical reaction is called polymerization).

How to remold a tyre step by step procedure  www.HowMachineWorks.comYou could save 30 to 60 percentage cost by remoulding a tire.

See the video to get a good idea on how remoulding of a tyre is done.


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