Published On: Sat, May 3rd, 2014

How to make a clock from old engine components.

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This is an article very close to my heart. The first artistic creativity out of engineering. Here you can see me making a beautiful clock out of some old engine components. What we are using here is an old piston, connecting rod, gudgeon pin, circlip, bearings, a clock machine to make a beautiful clock. As you see in this picture below. Watch the entire video and learn how it’s been done.

The process.

Mange to arrange one old piston, connecting rod, gudgeon pin, circlip, bearings etc from a failed engine.

Then purchased a clock machine from the market.

Leaned the engine components as shown in the video.

Electroplated it with the help of a friend to make it shinning an appealing.

As shown in the video a clock machine was arranged and assembled it to the big end side of the connecting rod.

Now our clock is ready.

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