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Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013

✔ How to drive and operate a back hoe loader, BHL machine.

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The construction equipment industry is growing much faster than expected. As India is a developing country, the requirement of construction equipments is much higher.  There is immense potential is the construction equipment industry. The scarcity of the manual labour is one aspect which is making this industry in huge demand.

In this topic we will help you learn how to drive or operate a back hoe loader machine. The operation of most of the back hoe loader machines are similar. There are many back hoe loader manufactures available; some of the major back hoe loader manufactures are listed below.

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  1. JCB, Backhoe loaders.
  2. CAT – Caterpillar, Back hoe loaders.
  3. L&T, Back hoe loaders
  4. Mahindra earth master, Back hoe loaders
  5. Sany, Back hoe loaders
  6. Terex Vectra, Back hoe loaders
  7. Leyland Deere, Back hoe loaders
  8. ACE, Back hoe loaders
  9. Hyundai, Back hoe loaders

The below video will help you to learn, how to drive and operate a back hoe loader machine.

Frequently asked question about back hoe loaders.

1. What is a back hoe loader machine?

Back hoe loader is a construction equipment machine used for construction, agriculture, earth work etc. This machine is also called as excavator loader machines.

JCB 3DX 3D 3D super 3DX Xtra 4DX 4D 4CX 2DX back hoe loader jose on jcb techtrixinfo loader overall working dress

2. Why is it called as a back hoe loader machine?

If you have seen this machine, you can notice that. At the front end of this machine we have loader bucket installed to the loader arm, which is used for loading applications and at the rear end (back side), it is used for excavation application with the excavator bucket (its looks like a hoe). Hence the name back hoe loader.

3. Why is it called as an excavator loader machine?

Because the rear side of the machine is used for excavation application and front side for loading application.

4. What or how much is the price for a back hoe loader machine?

The price varies for various manufactures ranging from 20 to 25 lakhs in the Indian market.

5. How to buy a back hoe loader machine?

You can contact the nearest dealer of any of the manufacturers for the purchase. If you need help please drop a comment, we will help you find the right one for your requirement.

6. How to run a profitable business using a back hoe loader machine?

Unlike other automobiles, back hoe loader machine are used not for transportation, they are user for various construction application like earth work, dozing, grading, digging, leveling etc. You can see back hoe loader machine in various construction sites of various application like dredging, quarry application, laterite stone quarries, demolition work, pipe laying, road works, waste handling etc. The back hoe loaders have breaker attachments, which is used in stone crushers and quarries.

This machine can be used for own applications and as rental. It gets about 700 to 900 Indian rupees per hour in rental work.

Calculating or analysis to do profitable business using construction equipments like back hoe loaders (all the data are assumed and are subjected to change)

Consider the cost of a BHL machine as 24 lakhs.

Maximum funding that can be availed (loan) is 85% of 24lakh = 2040000 lakhs.

Margin money need to be paid = total amt:  2400000 – funding from bank: 2040000 = Rs. 360000 /-

Interest to be paid in a year 6.5 % (average) = interest to be paid for 2040000 lakhs in a year is Rs. 132600.

If the loan is taken for 3 years Rs. 132600* 3 = 397800 is the interest to be paid (for 3 years)

Total amount to be paid to bank = 2040000 + 397800 = 2437800.

Ie total value of the machine which will be coming for 3 years while loan is settled is Rs. 2797800 Lakhs.

Total loan amount = 2437800/(12months*3years) = Rs. 67717

Profit calculation:

Assuming rent for machine for an hour = Rs. 750

Assuming working for 8 hours a day = 7*800 = Income for a day = Rs. 6000

Assuming working for 25 days a month = 25*6400 = 150000

Assuming operator salary = Rs. 20000

Profit = Income 150000 – ( 67717 (emi) + 20000 + 10000 (maintenance) + 15000 others) = Rs. 42283.

Profit in 1 year = 12*42283 = 507396.

Profit in 2 years = 12*42283 = 507396

Profit in 3rd years = 12*42283 = 507396

Profit in 4th year = 1lakh * 12 = 12 lakh ( as EMI is over)

8. How to get a loan to buy construction equipment, back hoe loader?

There are many financing companies and nationalised banks providing loans for buying back hoe loader. They are funding about 95 to 75 percentage depending on the track of the customer. You can contact the dealer and they will provide you the required support.

9. What are the major structural components for a back hoe loader machine?

Chassis, loader arm, loader bucket, hydraulic ram, dipper, boom, cabin, tipping link, tipping leaver etc.

10. What are the major hydraulic components of a BHL machine?

Hydraulic pump, torque converter, oil immersed axle, oil immersed transmission, filters, hydraulic master cylinder, hydraulic brake system, valves, valve block, MRV – main relief valve, ARV – auxiliary relief valve.

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