Published On: Tue, May 13th, 2014

How to draw Mickey Mouse | How to draw a cartoon face | Kids drawing

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Drawing is our passion and we make simple cute drawing tutorial video, this video is all about famous cartoon character the Mickey Mouse. Here we have drawn the face of a cute Mickey mouse with the help of circles, we have not drawn this on a paper but on the Microsoft paint soft ware so that it will be more clear and easy for you to learn. The drawing technique used is much simple over here. The advantage of using the computer software to draw is that we can try different colour combination at the same time and see which one is more attractive.

We are also animating the drawings that we are making the technique is very simple, we make the drawing in a single frame and them make variations to the drawing and then record it as a slide show. You can see that in this video.

As you all know there are many famous cartoon characters we have drawn some of them and uploaded on our youtube channel you can also watch these video from our web site

How to draw a cartoon cute micky mouse face drawing for kids and children using MS paint fast drawing ethanshowtodraw

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We are also having a Engineering video tutorial youtube channel

We are dedicated in uploading HD high quality drawing tutorials. We will be uploading more cartoons drawing in the coming days like.

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