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How to check the engine oil level and more answers on engine oil.

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Watch the above video and learn how to check the engine oil level of your car.

What is engine oil ?
Its is basically a fluid, which is used in engines. The engine oil can also be called as motor oil. Its is a petroleum product.

What is the purpose of having engine oil ?
Its primary purpose is to give lubrication to the internal combustion engines. Its also cools the engine.

Where is engine oil stored in engines ?
Engine oil is stored in engine oil sump, which is located at the bottom part of the engine.

How engine oil lubricates an engine ?
Engine has lot of moving parts, so its very essential to give lubrication to the engine. The engine has a engine oil pump which gets its drive from the crank shaft. This pump pumps the oil to the piston, piston rings, bearings etc to keep them lubricated.

What can happen if engine oil level is low ?
If the engine oil level is low, it can cause overheating to the engine components and result in the failure of the engine.

Engine oil dip stick how engine oil works viscosity grade pressure made every thing you need to know about engine oil

How engine oil level reduces ?

1. External leaks: There could be various reasons for leaks eg: seal failures, joint failure, oil sump cracks etc.
2. Engine oil burns off: If the engine oil gets into the combustion chamber it can burn off.

How to identify high engine oil consumption ?
1. Check the engine oil level periodically using the dip stick as shown in the above video.
2. If engine oil is burned off, you can see blue smoke in the exhaust.

What should be done if high engine oil consumption is noticed ?
When you check the oil level and found high oil consumption, conform that there are no external leaks which is causing this failure. If you have engine oil in stock, please top us the oil level. Never operated the vehicle in low engine oil level. This may result in he seasure of bearings, piston etc.
Immediately get the assistance of a authorized service person, as high oil consumption definitely means your engine is at risk.

What is the recommended engine oil consumption ?
The recommended engine oil consumption is 0.02% of fuel consumed (range of 0 – 0.02%). If more that 0.03% of oil is consuming to fuel, its is high engine oil consumption and a serious issue which need to be sorted out.

What is the difference between synthetic oil and normal oil ?
Synthetic oil has more life and can provide more working hours compared to normal oil.

What is engine oil pressure ?
Its is the pressure of the engine oil in the engine.

What if the engine oil pressure is high ?
Engine oil pressure is normally high when there is a blocked filter, or engine is cold and due to high viscosity.

What if the engine oil pressure is low ?
Engine oil pressure can be low if the engine oil level is less or if there is a engine oil leak.

Why engine oil low pressure indicator works ?
When there is no sufficient engine oil or if there is leak of engine oil this can happen.
This can also be caused due to a faulty pressure sensor.

What is engine oil viscosity ?
It is the resistance of the oil to flow and shear.

What do you mean by high viscosity or high viscosity index ?
This means that particular fluid has more resistance to flow or flows slowly eg: oil

What do you mean by low viscosity or low viscosity index ?
This means that particular fluid has less resistance to flow or can flow faster eg: water

What is engine oil flush ?
This is normally recommended when engine oil is changed (for high efficiency). When we change the oil it cannot be fully drained off, some if the impure oil will still be there in the engine oil sump and galleries. Engine oil flushing is that process in which, we use the new oil to fill or circulate in the engine and drain it, so that the dirty oil which is left behind can be completely be removed. Then again fill with new oil, this process is costlier as we have to waist oil while the flushing is done.

What is engine oil treatment ?
Its is the process of adding additives to enhance the life and property of your engine oil or cleaning the engine oil galleries (impurities, sludge formation etc). Its good for the engine in extreme working and driving conditions. For normal cars just go of period service and oil change recommended by the manufacturer.

What is engine oil grade ?
Engine oil are in different grades. These grades specify the property of the oil. Same cars working in different conditions may use different oil grades.

How engine oil is made ?
Engine oils are made of basestocks (petroleum and synthetic) and additives. The base stocks make 80 – 90% of the oil and the rest are additives which are used to enhance the properties of the oil.

How engine oil pump works ?

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