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Published On: Fri, Mar 14th, 2014

How to assemble a piston and connecting rod with the gudgeon pin using circlip.

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This is a process which is a part of the engine assembling. The engine assembling will involve various processes. The piston and connecting rod are different components. The piston is connected to the connecting rod using the gudgeon pin and the circlip. In the below photo you can see all the components.

How to assemble a piston and connecting rod with the gudegeon pin using circlip engine assembling scrap 1

Components for assembling:

  1. Piston
  2. Connecting rod
  3. Gudgeon pin
  4. Circlip.

Toos required:

  1. Circlip plier.

How the process is done.

The first thing, you have to be carefull of, is the piston and the gudgeon pin. Both these parts come as a single unit. Each piston will have its on gudgeon pin and it’s not interchangeable. So make sure that you don’t remove the gudgeon pin from the piston and don’t forget which is coming as an assembly. Because they are made as male and female part with the precise clearances.

See the below video to see and learn the entire process:

Now let’s take the connecting rod. It has two ends one is having a smaller diameter hole and the other a bigger diameter hole. The bigger one is called as the big end and is supposed to be connected to the crank shaft. The small end is actually getting linked with the piston.

circlip engine piston connecting rod repair casting assembling failure rings plier

First – slide out the gudegeon pin as shown in the video and insert the connecting road small end to it. Now return the gudegeon pin and lock it to with the circlip. You can use a good circlip plier to make the process easy.

If you have any doubts, please drop a comment, we will respond.

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