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How the world’s smallest V 12 engine works.

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You could see, process wise, how it’s made; the lathe works, drilling and grinding process are shown. Each of the parts like the crankshaft, cam shaft, piston, connection rod etc. It’s a beauty to see how it’s made. Miniatures have always inspired us. So it’s your chance to get inspired.

Video stripped:

At 0.57 seconds: Making of crank shaft.

At 1.35 seconds: Taking the dimension of crank chart using vernier calliper.

At 1.41 seconds: using screw gauge to measure crank shaft.

At 2.03 seconds: grinding the crank shaft.

At 2.25 seconds: crank shaft connected with connecting rod.

At 2.32 seconds: all disassembled parts kept on the table before assembling.

At 2.34 seconds: Engine assembling starts.

At 8.20 seconds: Engine starts to work.

Video showing the manufacturing, assembling and working of V-12 engine



Worlds smallest piston and connecting rod

Worlds smallest piston and connecting rod.

Credits to: http://www.bringthecake.com and http://www.youtube.com/user/bringthecake

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