Published On: Mon, Mar 17th, 2014

How piston pump works – with video explained.

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See the below video and learn how an axial flow variable displacement piston pump works.

The video has a dismantled piston pump all the components like the swash plate, drive shaft, pistons, cylinder block are visible and well explained. You can also see how the pump actually works.

drive shaft and cylinder block of variable flow piston pump

These types of pumps are used in heavy machineries. As the term implies that are variable flow pump. That means the flow can be varied. Eg: if you see gear pumps are fixed flow pumps that can only generate a particular flow at a given Rpm. But variable displacement piston pumps are capable of making variable blow at a given Rpm.

To see the animation of variable flow pump and learn it working click this link

piston swash plate of variable flow piston pump

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