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Published On: Sun, Jul 28th, 2013

✔ How MercedesBenz SLS E-CELL Works

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Auto enthusiasts all over the world are familiar with the car Michael Schumacher drive in a Tunnel experiment commercial where he out numbers the G-force and drives it upside down. Yeah you guessed it right it’s the Mercedes Sport Light Super [SLS] AMG that I am talking about. The car came into the market a few years back reclaiming Merc’s position in the supercar Dictionary. Past June Mercedes as promised launched two new editions of its SLS brand; one, called the SLS AMG BLACK and other, the much awaited SLS E-CELL which is an electric version. The SLS AMG BLACK produces 622 HP and is a performance enhanced version of the normal front wheel drive SLS AMG with 583 HP. The BLACK is 70 KG lighter, as it has a carbon fibre bonnet and a Titanium exhaust system. The car has a limited Top speed of 200 Miles/Hour and takes just 3.6 seconds from 0 to 60.To harness this extra power the car also has a big rear wing and an electronic differential. But I wonder is it the ideal car for our present world with limiting resources and largely weighted environmental concerns?

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Apparently this is where the car with High-visibility Jacket comes in. Oh yes I am talking about the SLS E-cell. With a whopping 739 Horse under the hood, it’s rightly called the world’s First electric super car. It’s so quiet, you will feel like you are reading a Shakespearian drama in a library when driving it and boring to drive compared to its petrol Twin (SLS AMG BLACK), but switch to the sports+ mode you are in for a mind boggling adrenaline rush. Enthusiast may feel that the combined weight of the 864 batteries (ie approximately half a tonne heavier than SLS AMG BLACK) might cripple it down in a head to head with its 6.2 litre V8 twin but you may be proven wrong.

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Mercedes Benz SLS E-CELL

Mercedes Benz SLS E-CELL

The pic shows what’s underneath that High visibility Jacket. The Motor which is the only moving part in the whole assembly produces all of that torque you need to smoke someone at the instant you touch the Throttle. Instead of one single motor the E-CELL has four separate Motors, one for each wheel. The suspension used is a Push rod strut borrowed from Formula 1 and all the batteries are housed in the spine of the chassis which there by lowers the centre of gravity, the result is reduced over and under steer. The computer decides the power distribution to each wheel whenever required.

So the car comes with instant torque, barbaric power, spellbinding speed, beastly looks, Mercedes quality and petrol free but on contrary the car has a low range and when the battery dries out you need 20 hrs to bring back life in it. The car price too is on the higher side but for the price of an SLS AMG BLACK plus the amount of fuel you need to fill it up for a life time you could get the E-CELL and save some in your pocket.

Mercedes has come up with a hope, something for all those petrol heads to live for when all those oil reserves dry out. The SLS E-CELL is a majestic inspiring serene and glorious blend of style and engineering and the car simply foretells that when such a D-day for oil comes the speed machines will live on.

Click here: How Cars & Machine Work – Video Tutorials.

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