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How engineers and diploma engineers can get good job in Gulf countries.

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The job market in the Middle East is always open for engineers from various engineering stream like mechanical, automobile, civil and electrical engineering. Eighty percentage of the job here is spread across the construction industry, like building basic infrastructure, transport facilities and its expansion, road construction, metro rail, high raise buildings etc. The other segment is the petroleum development industry. As this is the main source of revenue for the gulf countries. List of highly paid job offering countries in Middle East

1. United Arab Emirates

2. Saudi Arabia

3. Qatar

4. Kuwait

5. Oman

6. Bahrain

How to get a good Job offer from a Gulf country from Middle East.

1. Good referrals for job.

If you have a good referral from a manager or an influential person who is working in a gulf country or in the same company, you chance for getting the job is almost ninety nine percentage confirmed. That is the power of job referrals in the gulf countries.

So if you are desperate to get a job in the Middle East try to find some one who is working in a Middle East country to refer you for a job.

As I myself work in the Middle East I know may people who got good jobs in reputed companies with good salary just because of good reference but with lesser experience and qualification.

2. Recruitment companies and consultancies:

There are many recruitment agents and consultancies who offer job in various companies in the Middle East. Many of them are cheating job seekers, so you should be very careful when you approach them.

Even though fare enough recruitment to the Middle East is carried out by these group.

3. Work experience:

If you have a relevant work experience it can give you an edge over others. All recruiters give wastage for relevant work experience.

So if you are fresh engineer or diploma engineer and planning to make a carrier opportunity in the Middle East, better try to gain a work experience of attests two to three years before trying for a job over here. This will help you to get a good job with fare enough salary and basic facilities.

4. Qualification:

Now a days qualification is also playing a good role in getting a good job here in these part of the world. Being an Engineer, working here I have seen many of my top managers with no relevant qualification is working, whom are highly paid.

But on the other hand they have twenty plus years of work experience in the industry which makes them veterans in the field.

5. Company direct job interview:

Reputed companies from Middle East will conduct direct job interviews in various parts the world. Most of the interviews are held at India, Pakistan, Philippines etc .

The company Hr or company representative will come to conduct the interview.

6. Giving direct interview at Middle East by going there in visiting visa:

If you can manage to get a visiting visa you could directly visit any of the gulf countries and approach companies directly to get a job interview and get hired. This is very easy if your relatives or friends are working in any gulf country.

Once you get a job offer you can return back to your home country and the company will provide you a job visa which will help you return back and join job.

One of my friend recently got a job at a reputed company in Dubai in this way and I personally know many others who have benefitted by this.

So if you are looking for a job in any gulf country (in the Middle East ) we could help you in the path and assist you in clarifying your doubts and guide you through the basics.

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