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Published On: Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

How different types of car axles work.

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There are various types of car axles been used as per the requirement of each vehicle? Let’s see how they are classified. You can either read the article or watch the below video to learn.

Axles are that part of the vehicle which holds the tyres. Its main function is to transmit the power to the tyres, which is received from the gear box and is coming perpendicular to the axle, received by the differential. The entire load of the vehicle is held by the front and the rear axles.

Classification of car axles:

  1. Drive axle.
  2. Full floating axle
  3. Semi floating axle
  4. Dead Axle.

You can either read the article or watch the below video to learn.

What is a drive axle?

The axle which is getting drive from the engine is called as a drive axle.

From understanding this you need to first know about what drive is like fort wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four wheel drive etc. In a front wheel drive vehicle, as the names implies, the front axle is getting the drive and in a rear wheel drive vehicle the rear axle is getting the drive. In a 4 wheel drive car all the front are rear axles get drive.

What is a transaxle?

The trans axle is also a type of drive axle. It’s a combination of transmission and axle. Normally used in front wheel drive vehicles, as the space constrain is less the transmission and the axle is combined.

See the video for more clarity on transaxles.

What is a full floating axle?

It’s commonly used for heavy duty applications. Such axles will be having larger hubs and the axle shaft will be bolted to the hubs. Torque is directly transmitted from differential to hubs.

Advantage of full floating axle:

  1. Carries more load.
  2. Hubs have bearings and carry the entire weight of the vehicle.
  3. Even if the axle shafts breaks, the wheel will not run off as it’s bolted to the hubs.

What is a semi-floating axle?

This is used for light duty vehicles. It will have a lighter differential and the weight of the car will be carried by the axle shaft. In this type, if the axle shaft brake there is a chance for the vehicle tyres to roll off.

What is a dead axle?

The dead axle or it can be called as a lazy axle. It’s that axle which is not getting drive from the engine. e.g.: in a front wheel drive vehicle the rear axle can be called as the dead axle as it’s not getting any drive from the engine. Dead axles can be classified as pusher axles and tag axle.

What is a pusher axle?

A dead axle which is situated immediately in front of a drive axle is called as a pusher axle.

What is a tag axle?

A dead axle which is located just behind a drive axle is called as a tag axle.

classification of axles

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