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Anti lock brakes are used to prevent the car tyres from skidding during hard breaking.

The main advantages of having an anti lock breaking system:

1. Helps the vehicle to stop at a faster rate.
2. Can steer the vehicle under heavy breaking.

The basic working principle of anti lock breaking system?

It’s an intelligent braking system, which won’t allow the wheels to lock up.

In ordinary break system the wheels are stopped and skids through the road, creating more wear to the tyres and less effective brake with higher breaking distance. When the wheels are stopped or in technical terms “locked up” it won’t spin which reduces the friction and skids through the road, if you try to steer the vehicle during this period, as the tyres are locked up the vehicle won’t turn and skids in the path it was moving.

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Antilock brake has a system of pumps and valves which is having brake lines going to each tyre. There will be speed sensors in the tyres or differential (normally on tyres). When you apply the brake, the brake pads (if good enough) will stop the tyres instantaneously and then the speed sensors will come into play. The speed sensors will understand that your car tyres are stopping to rotate faster that it was physically possible to stop the vehicle. When it senses that, it will reduce the amount of pressure your are sending to the brake pad (by the valve mechanism it has) temporarily and allow the tyre to accelerate again restricting it to lock up and skid. This repeats continuselly like a make and brake unit it avoids skidding.

So you can experience a pulsing effect because the pressure been increased and reduced on the tyres. You will feel like you are constantly on the verge of losing grip but not actually loosing it. This actually helps you to have maximum stopping force and helps you to manure or steer the way out from an obstacle and stop at a necessary distance, even if the road conditions are poor.

Main components in ABS:

1. Pressure release valve
2. ABS control module
3. Brake pipe leading to calliper
4. Wheel speed sensor

ABS Components & Circuit

ABS Components & Circuit

How antilock brake system works?

As explained above the ABS control module senses the brake pressure applied on the tyre and if there is a chance of tyre lock up, the pressure relief valve will release the pressure and allow tyre to spin avoiding lock up and again suddenly the pressure is raised to apply the brake.

Video explaining basic working principle of ABS

Video explaining how ABS sensor works

Video on how cars with and witout ABS works.

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