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Published On: Tue, Oct 18th, 2016

Gasoline Direct Injection engine by Hyundai Theta 2.4 GDI

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Check out how Hyundai’s all-new Theta engine with GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) technology works. This new engine is being used in all of Hyundai’s new car models, including the 2011 Sonata and the 2010 Tucson.
Remarkable evolution of gasoline engine technology, this engine is designed to deliver the best quality. Full floating piston and cooling jets to reinforce durability, roller type chain system which minimizes friction. After the engine is cranked for the start, the fuel pressure is deeply increases, up to 100 bar, the precise amount of fuel is directly injected into the cylinder. After the start the split injection helps to obtain in a stable combustion. Even with the late ignition to increase the exhaust energy. This increased exhaust energy lights of the catalyst faster than 50 %. Thanks to the fast light off, the exhaust emission is reduced. In normal driving condition the engine is controlled for the best performance, and fuel economy. The latent heat of the evaporating fuel cools down the in cylinder air. This cooling effect leads to 7 to 12% improvement of the performance. Theta 2.4 GDI engine delivers 200 hp which is the best in its class.
This is one of the best GDI engine in the world Theta 2.4 GDI

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