Published On: Sun, Aug 18th, 2013

Full Review of Micromax Canvas 4 A210. ✔

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So let’s start with the looks, the Canvas 4 is the best Canvas devise that Micromax have ever made. This is a very premium looking phone. It’s got metal on its sides, high quality plastic on its back and front. The gorilla glass covers the front of the devise. On the top we have the sensors, ear piece and the 5 mega pixel front facing camera, at bottom three touch buttons for menu, home, back key. To the left hand side of the device we have the volume rockers. Towards the bottom we have the primary microphone and the micro USB port. To the right hand side we have the power button. At the top 3.5 mm head phone jack, back of the device have the noise cancelling secondary microphone, the LED flash, 13 mega pixel rear facing camera, Micromax branding and the speakers.

When we open the rear cover, we have the two full size SIM card slot, the micro SD card slot and the 2000mah battery. It’s little heavier than its predecessor the Canvas HD, as it has more metal to it and the phone looks really solid.

The gaming experience on the Canvas 4 is very smooth if we avoid some occasional lag here and there, battery is batter optimised than the Canvas HD. The processor is 1.2GHz Quad Core.

The connectivity option like: 3G/Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi/USB.

It weights about: 158 gms.

Dimension: 144.5*73*8.9

Screen size: 12.7 cm

Screen resolution: 1280* 720

Graphics: HD

Ram: 1 GB

ROM: 16 GB NAND Flash

Memory internal: 10 GB

Memory external: 32 GB

Video resolution: 1920* 1080 p

Micromax Canvas 4 A210.

Micromax Canvas 4 A210.

The device has a 5inch, 720 P display with a pixel density of 294 pixels/inch. The sun light visibility is pretty descent and the gorilla glass on top the display looks a little reflective. Even though its looks crisp, vivid and the colors feel natural.

Now let’s have a look at the operating system, its Android 4.2.1 version the Jelly Been – the latest version from Android.

There are some additional smart features that Micromax has incorporated with this device.

  1. The upside silent option turns your phone to silent when you receives a call, just flip the phone and it turns silent.
  2. The upside speaker facility makes your phone to speaker mode when we flip it.
  3. The proximity sensor just picks a call automatically when you keep the phone near to the ears.
  4. If you have to call a contact on an SMS, the proximity sensor automatically makes the call by searching the contacts, when you keep the phone near to your ears.

As far as the apps are concerned Micromax have added some of their own apps with the third part apps also like the file manager, micromax game hub, phone click, MM lock, M live, pop up browser etc.

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The MM lock app is a much talked about app, let me give you a briefing about it. With this app, you can unlock the phone just by blowing on to it. But this app actually used the microphone to sense the sound and unlock the phone. So just saying something and the device will unlock. Shake to lock and unlock feature is also linked with this app.

The media player has some good features. We can control the brightness by sliding up and down, toward the left side of the screen and by sliding to the right side you could control the audio. The audio quality is average. This video player has an additional feature of auto pause when you look away from the screen and auto plays when looking back.

The gallery app is a very standard affair with the grid view and filmstrip view, when you look at pictures it actually takes few seconds to render it properly.

Browsing is very fast and smooth, but has noticed that, the pinch to zoon functionality has a lag. This doesn’t seems like a hardware issue, moreover this will be fixed with the next firm ware update from Micromax.

The device is overall very fluid and smooth and the touch sensitivity is good. As we talk about the camera app, it has various modes like the HDR mode, beautiful face mode, panorama mode, milti-angle view facility etc. Both the front and rear camera is capable of taking video in 1080p on 30 frames/second and can snap pictures simultaneously while taking video. The shutter speed quiet good can take many pictures continuously at a much faster rate.

So we can conclude that, the Canvas 4 is worth buying. This device is an evolutionary change from the Canvas HD and will definitely raise the image of Miromax devices in the market.

For more details visit the official website for Micromax Canvas 4

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