Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering doubts answered. 

Many of our subscribers were requesting for a single platform where they can ask there doubts on mechanical engineering and automobile engineering. Some of them were interested in topics related to how cars work and other on details on hydraulic machineries and construction equipments.  Also get audio updates on the above subjects on Whatsapp More...

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Get FREE Tech support on Whatsapp for Mech/Auto Engg students @ +919744615655

Hi guys get FREE customized technical support on Super Cars, Bykes, Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Engineering subjects on whatsapp @ +919744615655 ( just send you name and e-mail iD for start getting updates) We More...

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Get technical updates, tips on Mechanical engineering and automobile engineering on whatsapp

We create healthy educational content on engineering subjects especially mechanical engineering, automobile engineering. We have a team of dedicated engineering enthusiasts in helping. We also offer free technical More...

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A turbocharger is a turbine driven forced indication system. Which increases the efficiency of an internal combustion engine and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber. So if you compare a More...

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Stoichiometric air fuel ratio

Airfuel ratio is the mass ratio of air to fuel present in a combustion process in an internal combustion engine. The exact ratio or amount of air required for completely burning the given amount of fuel is known More...

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Super fast all terrain four wheeled motorcycle can ride over the lake – Just Amazing.

Super fast all terrain four wheeled motorcycle can ride over the lake – Just Amazing. For more video visit: Our YouTube Channel +1 Tweet Share1 Share PinShares 1 More...

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F1 vs Super Bike vs Power Boat

The below video is a racing between the F1 with Super Bike and Power Boat +1 Tweet Share7 Share PinShares 7 More...

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