Published On: Thu, Oct 3rd, 2013

All new American Muscle car-Equus Bass 770.

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Americans have always been passionate about their muscle cars. It is a long list but certain names do sound and rhyme around in our corners too; those like the mustang, the corvette, the dodge challenger etc. Well what if we make these three masculine symbols as a single unit?…The equus Bass 770 is the answer.

Aesthetically the car is a mix of retro styling based on an old ford mustang fastback, an dodge challenger and a little bit of modern recently departed Chevrolet’s corvette ZR1.Born under the lights of an American Detroit based automotive restoration firm called the “Equss  Automotive ”, the machine is the result of a 6 year old pain of the firm.

The car’s body is made from an aluminium lined carbon fibre, and is mated onto a stiff aluminium chassis; this has played a key role in reducing the car’s overall weight drastically to around 1638 kilograms. Unlike the cars of golden Era, the bass 770 is equipped with all the safety features like for instance Airbags and other goodies too. The ceiling is Alcantara and the seats are leather, the car is also equipped with an on board GPS unit with DVD and Radio functions. Cruising speed can also be set with the help of on-board cruise control.

American Muscle car-Equus Bass 770.

The font –mid placed engine contributes a lot to the car’s overall weight distribution and its capable of producing 640 horses. The engine is similar to that in a corvette ZR1, a 6.2 litre V-8.The car also uses a six speed dual clutch manual transmission. It is to be noted that all these goodies along with the car comes with a price and in Indian rupees it would come around 150 lacks.

Equus has produced a genuine masterpiece and though the prices are on the higher side, the car holds up the legacy of a true American muscle car. The Badass look and the Grunt is expected to hit the roads of America soon and it is set to capture a million petro sexual hearts. The walls of all those car enthusiasts will now be packed with another American muscle car and the hopes of Equus Automotive are sky high.

Credit: Equus Automotive

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